Zen Liturgy



Experience a Zen liturgy offered by Zen priests. These Liturgies are now offered on the third Thursday of each month as posted in the calendar.

A dharma talk, a time for “silent illumination”, chanting and the offering of incense make up this liturgy taken from Blue Mountain Lotus Society’s “Book of Common Meditation“.

We view liturgy as a way of celebrating, not worshiping.  It helps us to remember who we are and gives us a sense of order.

Maladoma Patrice Some wrote: “Where ritual is absent, the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown-ups are bewildered. The future is dim.


If incense is to be offered during the service, it is customary to first bow.  Light the incense, make three circles in the air and touch the bottom of it to your forehead.  Make a circle or a heart in the sand with it.  An adult may help small children.